E-FILE and FreeFile

Since we are at the new dawning age of computer technology and process automation, taxpayers can now access the new E-FILE and FreeFile software.
FreeFile provides access to free Internet tax preparation software and free e-file for eligible taxpayers. These free services are provided by private software companies. Each participating company sets its own eligibility requirements. Not every taxpayer qualifies for the free services. Please read carefully the information provided here and by the companies on their websites to determine eligibility.

The following company is currently offering free Federal and State tax preparation to New York State taxpayers for tax year 2005. To receive free e-file of both your Federal and New York State tax returns, you should access the software companies using the links provided
at www.taxslayer.com and www.taxengine.com

But first, you must note that, taxslayer.com only caters taxpayer whose:

You must e-file your federal return with TAXSLAYER in order to receive a free state return.


TaxEngine.com offers free tax preparation and e-filing services for both federal and New York tax returns if your Federal Adjusted Gross Income is between $10,000 and $50,000. TaxEngine.com uses a secure, easy, and FAST step-by-step process to gather your tax return information. All states are available giving you the ability to file multiple state tax returns simultaneously. Our FREE email customer support quickly responds to your questions through our online message center. Filing tax returns online has never been easier.